Business Development Manager at Exly: Driving Growth and Success

Join Exly, a leading business platform empowering coaches, trainers, and course creators. Discover our innovative solutions for starting, selling, and managing programs. Apply now for exciting opportunities in SaaS sales and digital marketing. Flexible hours, collaborative culture, and career growth await!


Swati Singh

2/15/20243 min read

About Exly

Exly is a unique business platform designed specifically for professionals who share their knowledge, such as coaches, trainers, and course creators. Our platform assists these individuals in starting, selling, marketing, and managing their programs, which include courses, online sessions, consultations, and workshops. Exly is proudly supported by Y-Combinator and has received funding from some of India's leading venture capital firms. Our company was founded by alumni from prestigious institutions like IIT Kharagpur, IIM Calcutta, and BCG.

Job Description

As a Business Development Manager at Exly, you will play a crucial role in driving the growth and success of our platform. Your primary responsibility will be to identify and acquire new business opportunities, build and maintain strong relationships with clients, and drive revenue growth.


  1. Identify and target potential clients: Conduct market research to identify potential clients who would benefit from using the Exly platform. This includes coaches, trainers, and course creators in various industries.
  2. Build and maintain client relationships: Develop strong relationships with clients by understanding their needs and providing them with solutions that meet their goals. This includes regular communication, follow-ups, and providing excellent customer service.
  3. Drive revenue growth: Work towards achieving sales targets and revenue goals by effectively promoting and selling the Exly platform to potential clients. This includes conducting product demonstrations, negotiating contracts, and closing deals.
  4. Collaborate with the marketing team: Work closely with the marketing team to develop and implement effective strategies to generate leads and increase brand awareness. This includes participating in marketing campaigns, attending industry events, and leveraging social media platforms.
  5. Stay updated with industry trends: Keep abreast of industry trends, competitor activities, and market conditions to identify new business opportunities and stay ahead of the competition. This includes attending industry conferences, networking events, and continuously learning about new developments in the field.
  6. Provide feedback and insights: Act as a liaison between clients and the product development team by gathering feedback, insights, and suggestions for improving the Exly platform. This includes understanding client pain points and relaying them to the relevant teams for further improvement.


  1. Proven track record in business development: Demonstrated experience in successfully identifying and acquiring new business opportunities, preferably in the technology or education industry.
  2. Strong communication and interpersonal skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills are essential for building and maintaining client relationships. The ability to effectively communicate the value proposition of the Exly platform is crucial.
  3. Strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities: A strategic mindset and the ability to think critically and analytically are important for identifying opportunities, overcoming challenges, and driving revenue growth.
  4. Results-oriented and self-motivated: A strong drive to achieve sales targets and exceed expectations is necessary for success in this role. The ability to work independently and take initiative is highly valued.
  5. Knowledge of the coaching/training industry: Familiarity with the coaching, training, and course creation industry is preferred. Understanding the needs and challenges of professionals in these fields will enable you to effectively position the Exly platform as a valuable solution.
  6. Bachelor's degree in business or a related field: A bachelor's degree in business, marketing, or a related field is preferred. However, relevant work experience and a proven track record may be considered in lieu of a degree.

Why Join Exly

  1. Opportunity for growth: As a fast-growing startup, Exly offers ample opportunities for professional growth and career advancement. You will have the chance to make a significant impact on the company's success and shape the future of our platform.
  2. Innovative and collaborative work environment: At Exly, we foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and continuous learning. You will have the opportunity to work with a diverse team of talented individuals who are passionate about what they do.
  3. Competitive compensation package: We offer a competitive salary and benefits package, including performance-based incentives and opportunities for bonuses. Your hard work and contributions will be recognized and rewarded.
  4. Support from industry experts: As a Y-Combinator-backed company, Exly has access to a network of industry experts and mentors who can provide guidance and support. You will have the opportunity to learn from the best and further develop your skills.
  5. Make a difference: By joining Exly, you will be part of a mission-driven company that is dedicated to empowering professionals and helping them succeed. You will have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of coaches, trainers, and course creators around the world.

How to Apply

If you are interested in joining our team as a Business Development Manager, please submit your resume and a cover letter detailing your relevant experience and why you believe you would be a great fit for Exly. We look forward to hearing from you!